Sandstone bar table 154

Sandstone bar table 154

This is the third bar table I've made.  This one is available, the other two have sold.  I also have several other more substatial bar table bases available for custom made top.

This base does not have the weight of a resaraunt bar table, so I had to keep the top light to avoid making it too unstable.  I had a slab of 3/8" thick sandstone cut into a 21" diamter slab and mounted it on the base.

The rim is thin steel and is separated from the stone by thin grout.  

You can use this indoors or out.  I don't recommend using it where it gets substantial direct sunlight, however.  Sunlight evaporates the oil base sealant which has to be regularly renewed, and more importantly sandstone gets really hot in direct sunlight!

This is a fun table.  Were using it on our coverted patio until it can find a proper home.

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