My first two tables:

My first two tables:

In 1962 I took a pottery class with my roomate, Ty Minton.  I couldn't make pots, so I made tiles.  I had access to the Physics shop. I found a wagon wheel on one of my walks in the mountains above Boulder, and the hairpin legs at Valentines Hardware.  I made the table in the upper left that summer.  It sat in my parents house in Walla Walla until they gave it back to me.

I got maried in 1965.   In 1968 we bought our first house in Boulder. We needed a table so I build the one in the lower right from stones I found in abandoned quarries above Boulder and a wagon wheel I I also found in our walks in the woods above Boulder.   Our son learned to walk by going round and round this table.

I thought about making and selling tables then, but sanity prevailed and I got a series of more or less real jobs in research in Germany, Baltimore, Palo Alto, and finally Boulder.

In 2011 I started to cut my hours and was looking for something to do in my spare time.  I remembered how much I enjoyed making these tables and started up again.  I am now working on my 92 table!

We still have the first two tables and enjoy them every day.  I would enjoy making a table for you.

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