Making tables is only part of the job.  I really enjoy making tables.  After I had made about 25, my house was full of them, and my friends and family had taken about as many as my wife had, I realised that I would have to start marketing them.

I started at an art show my wife organized at the Western Interior Palentological Society bi-annual symposium.  After the second one of these, Susan Judy ( asked me to share her booth at the Denver Gem and Mineral show.  I sold my first table to a person I met at the show on my first day!  I realized that marketing could be fun.

Over the next couple of years, I've shown my tables with Susan at the Tucson and Kansas City Gem and Mineral Shows, and several local art fairs.  The picture above shows me at my booth in Evergreen this summer.I also developed web sites including the one that hosts this blog. 

I now spend as much time making tables as I spend marketing them.  I enjoy visiting with potential customers and explaining the story behind each of my tables.  

The bottom line is that I am selling enough tables that I am still able to make them!   I'm working on table #93 today and there are only 20 for sale on my web site!

I'll have my studio open as part of the Boulder Open Studios events.

If you live in the Boulder Colorado area, stop by my studio from noon to 6 pm on Saturday Sunday October 7-8 and again October 14-15.

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