Dinner Tables

Dinner Tables

I've made several dinner tables.  I made a dinner table we still use on our patio. .  I've since made several more.  These are nice tables but because the tops are not easily removeable are difficult to transport to the art fairs where I sell my tables.

In my searches of recycle stores I found a 4 leg, tank trap, kind of design that could support a 40" diameter top easily.  I had several such bases welded up and made this table.  Its very stable and EASY to move.....just lift the top off! 

I like this table so much, I decided to keep it. I'm going to  make more of these and bring them to art fairs starting this summmer. The first of these is shown below.  Same base, same design, but the petrified wood focus stone is slightly smaller.  Its waiting for grouting and final three coats of sealant.  I have to do the  grouting outside and for that I need a full day with temperatures above 65 degrees......Maybe March, probably April....

My next dinner table

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