Starfish: A new table for the Tucson Show

Starfish: A new table for the Tucson Show

This will be my third year at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the Tucson Convention Center February 11-14.  Sarfish is one of the tables I'll be showing there.  It incorporates a fossil starfish from Morocco.  

I'm slowly learning how to create interesting shapes from the large slabs of Lyons Sandstone I get from quarries north of my home town, Boulder, Co.  I got the right hand corner square.  The left hand corner, not so square.  The wonderful feature of the medium I'm using is that features like a non sqare corner can be filled in with black grout and do not detract from the design.

The picture below gives a better view of the starfish fossil and the "squareness"

of my stone work corners.

detail of the starfish fossil

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