Sushi Table

Sushi Table

I found this slab of pertrified 60 million year old fish at the Denver Gem and Mineral show.  This was one of my first oval shaped tables and the fish shape nicely complements the oval.

I enjoyed showing this table at local art shows.  When I was getting a little punchy late in the day, I'd explain to customers that this is a sushi table.  You sit on the floor, put you sushi on the pertrified sushi and enjoy! The table has a nice home now in Portland, Oregon, where I believe it has been used as a sushi table!

I've made a second sushi table, shown below, that is now for sale at The Walnut Gallery in Louisville, CO or on my website.

I don't currently have any fossil fish slabs.  If you have a slab of fossil fish, or any other stone you'd like to display in a table top, contract me at  and we can design a table together.

Bill Peterson

Fishing Hole: My second sushi table

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