Large circular coffee tables

Large circular coffee tables

My first two tables were large circular tables without a semi-precious focus stone.  The first two used used wagon wheel rims for the edges, but they are too expensive for most people now.

 I still make that kind of table and show two recent examples here where I have made my own simulated wagon wheel rims from thin strips of steel with a patina like the antique wagon wheels.   

I had 2 36" diameter i/2 circule cut out of a large sandstone and used one of them and bits and pieces of the leftover stone to make Arches (above).  I had so much fun organizing bits and pieces into patterns that I made the table below with the rest of the leftover pieces.  The gradation from large pieces to small was intentional.  I study space phyics in my day job.  The pattern  reflects a turbulent process that converts large scale plasma structures to smaller ones...hence the name Turbulence.  

Turbulence is for sale on  I'll deliver it for free to any street  addrress in Coloradol

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