Then and now

Then and now

I made my first two tables in the 60's when I was a student at the University of Colorado.  We still use these tables.  The second table, above, is in our Boulder house. 

I started making tables again in 2011 when I began ramping down my work as a rocket scientist.

The technique is still the same.  The  matierials I use have evolved a bit as seen below in my 100th table made in 2018.  I still use Lyons sandstone from quarries near Boulder.   The wagon wheel rims have been replaced with thin metal bands processed (rusted) in my back yard. The bases are now mostyl recylced. I now use black grout.  I use a better sealant and I've begun to use semi-precious focus stones to enhance the design.

I still have as much fun making them as I did 50 years ago.  The main difference is now I'm selling my tables on line and at local art fairs!   

My 100th table made in 2018

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