Not quite a table

Not quite a table

We are building a small place behind our son's house in Portland to use during our frequent visits.  The fellow building the place for us suggested we personalize the pony wall atthe top of the stairs.

After some thought and disucssion we agreed that all members of our immediate family should have their mark on this architectural feaature.  At Christmas I got out lines of hand prints for my son, daughter-in-law, grand daughter, grand dog, Judy and I.  I put them together in a photoshop file.   I took the photoshop file and a piece of lyons sand stone I had cut in a local quarry to size to the local waterjet cutter.   He did a great job as you can see.

My original intent was to fill in the hand prints with black grout.  My wife and several others thought that the large areas of black would be 'off putting'.  On reflection, I agreed.  I put the hand (and paw!) prints back where they came from, but held up about 3/16" by using a layer of sand.

The result is quite pleasing!

If you need a similar peronalized archtectrual feature, contact me at

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