My fascination with left hands

My fascination with left hands

This is one of several tables I've made featuring left hands.   My facination comes from the Niwot Prophecy.

Chief Niwot, who was left handed, was in the Boulder Valley when the first anglo's came.  He told them that the Boulder valley was special and that once someone had spent time there, they would always come back. This became known as the Niwot Prophecy.

I didn't believe it when I left in 1971 to a post doc in Germany and a carrier in space science that took me to Baltimore, and Palo Alto.  I was set to retire in Palo Alto, when the Niwot Prophecy kicked in and I found a job in Boulder in 1997.

I'm still in Boulder fulfiling the Niwot Prophecy.  I now work part time in space science, and part time making and selling tables, many of them featuring a left hand symbol.

I have an inventory of left hands in my shop, made of fossilifours stone as the one above and pure white marble.   If you'd like a reminder of the Niwot Prophecy, let me know and I'll make one for you.


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