Making a WKPAccentTable requires making decisions on  three elements.  You or I  can do it.  1)   A size and shape for the top,  2) The base  and 3) The focus stone.   Sometimes I make tables without foucs stones, too.

I keep an inventroy of focus stones and bases in my Boulder shop (garage).  I continually add to this inventory at gem and mineral shows.  I now have enough foucs stones to support building 10-20 tables a year for 5 years!

When I start on a table top, I first choose the top shape and base and then go looking for focus stones.   Some focus stones have trouble finding a top that fits them.   I now take these stones and make them into cheese plates or trivets with cork feet as in the example above.  This breccia is shinny and spectacular, but just didn't look right when I started laying out table tops.   Its now for sale on my web site: