Help me select a focus stone

Help me select a focus stone

I found this black steel base with adjustable legs at an estate sale.  I'm going to put a top on it to make a 27" x 16" x 32" sofa / side table.  My problem is that I have too many excellent focus stones to choose for the top.   I've narrowed the choice down to the five shown below.  The completed table top will feature the focus stone surrounded by Lyons sandstone, black grout, and my special thin steel rims with the rusted patina.

Do you like the Kokapelli figure cut from a slab of fossiliforus stone?

Do like the left hand symbol cut from pure marble?

Do you line the slab of green with shinny spots laboadorite?

Do you like the slab of picture sandstone from Knab Utah?

Do you like the large ammonite?

I only have one of these bases, so  drop me a note at (or click on a button if there is one) and let me know which you think would make the most interesting soffa / side table. 

four of the possible focus stones

Would this ammonite look best on my new sofa / side table

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