Bar Tables

Bar Tables

8 years ago when I re-started making tables after a 40 year hiatis I offered to make a table for a neighbor who had been particularly helpful to Judy and me.  She wanted a bar table. 

I found two bar tables, minus the tops in the local resource lot in Boulder. The top had to be small so that the weight of the stone wouldn't make it top heavy. I had a bunch of whiskey barrel hoops that included 23" diameter ones that I used. The results were 43" tall and weigh about 60 pounds.  My neighbor likes her table a lot!  It's pictured here in our Kitchen just before I delivered it.

I sold the matching one at the Tucson gem and mineral show a few years ago.

I have four 'un topped' bar stool bases in my shop.  if you are interesed in one let me know.

I'd like to build a table for you.


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