Gretchen's Table

Gretchen's Table

We were over at our friend Gretchen's house the other day and I saw this base with a glass top sitting in her yard.   I told her that I had the perfect top to replace the bland slab of glass that was there.  She trusted me! and gave me the base.

I found the 2' x 2' x 1 1/2" thick slab of sandstone with dendritic inclusions at a stone yard between Boulder and Lyons. I bought it and several others last year.  This is the last of the ones I have in stock.  The stone is not native.  In fact it was quarried and cut into 2' square slabs in India and imported to Boulder.  The yard master told me this guy came arround and offered to sell him a coouple of pallets of these stones at prices below what it is currently costing him to get and cut similar sized slabs of native stone with native workers!!   

I fashioned a base of plywood for the slab that fits snugly into the base and put three coats of an oil based sealant on it and it was ready for delivery.

You can trust me with your base too!  

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