Learning how to make irregularly shaped tables.

Learning how to make irregularly shaped tables.

My wife illustrated a book on dinosaur tracks.  She suggested I make a table in the shape of one of the dinosaur tracks in here book.   But before I could do that I Ihad to teach myself how to bend the thin steel bands I use for rims to follow a complex and sometimes concave curves.   I had a piece of stone that I had planned to cut up for foucs stones that looked like a good 'first try' candidate.  The resulting  table is shown below.  

I name all my tables. In this case I asked my friends and neighbors what they would choose for a name.  I got many very interesting suggestions but they were not consistent.  It looked to me that I was giving my friends a Rorsharch Test!   So thats the name. Its displayed below.

To make the dinosaur track table shown at the top of the page, I took a picture of a track in my wife's book to a local water jet cutting company.  They used their waterjet to cut several copies the shape out of a large sheets of Lyons sandstone.   The first track sold at the 2016 Denver Gem and Mineral Show.  The second track table is now under construction in my shop.  I'll completed it when it gets above 60 degrees and I can get back to work.

Rorsharcs Table

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