Madagasgar Wood

Madagasgar Wood

Several years ago I found some spectacular large slabs of thin (~3/8 ") petrified wood at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. It turns out these were from Madagasgar. The color of the stone is wonderful and different from the Arizona petrified wood we are used to. The quality of the stone preservation, shown in the picture below, is not as good as the much more expensive slabs from Arizona, but perfectly adequate to use in my table tops.

 In 2014, when I made this table I was still using used (rusted) whiskey barrel hoops from Kentucky and steel three rod hairpin legs I bought on the web.  The Lyons sandstone slabs on the top are from local quarries near my home in Boulder, Colorado.  I now mostly use recycled steel bases and make my own rims from thin steel bands rusted in my back yard.  

I have a few slabs of petrified wood left and would love to use them in a table for you.

Top view of the table featuring petrified wood from Madagasgar

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