Turbulence 20

Turbulence 20

This is a large (39" dia 17" tall)  natural stone toppped coffee table. 

The pattern goes from large to small reflecting a turbulent process. My day job is  a rocket scientist at the University of Colorado.  We worry a bit about turbulence. 

It was originally on an ugly wood base in my garage.  It was too combersome to take to shows.  I've since put it on removeable bases. Its shown here on a square base, but I also have a circular one that looks good.  Which one depends on where and how you use it.  My first two tables, made in the 60's when I was a student, were of similar size and height. I still have them and use them as coffee tables in my Boulder house and Portland ADU.  I don't have room for another large coffee table, do you?  

Like all fine art, this piece does not do well if exposed to direct sunlight. It will work well on a covered patio.

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