Last year was challenging, but not without reward.

Last year was challenging, but not without reward.

Last year was challenging for everyone. My wife Judy and I are no exception.  Judy had elective heart surgery a year ago.  The recovery was difficult and made more difficult by the full on panic conditions when I took her to the ER for the 5th time and then to her surgon's office in late March. No thanks to her surgon, but thanks to annother doctor, Judy found her way to recovery.  She recovered enough for us to take a couple of trips in our van to visit our son and his family in Portland in late summer and fall.  She is now back to the place she was when she went in for surgery.  Others have had it much worse.  We are very thankful that we found a doctor to help us through the recovery and are now past that episode in our lives.  

Needless to say I did not show my tables at any shows last year.  The picture above was taken in November 2019 at show in the Bouler Elks lodge.  I didn't sell any tables in that two day show, but since then I've sold six of the tables shown plus a couple of others.  Not as many as I sold in 2018, but enough to motivate me to make some more tables this summer when its warm enought for me to work in my garage studio.  

I do not have any plans to show my tables at local shows this year.  I have several tables at The Walnut Gallery in downtown Longmont. I am also a member of the North Boulder Arts District that sponsors first friday events.   My current plans are to set up a tent in my driveway for the June, July, August, and September First Friday events and then participate in Boulder Open Studios in October.

I enjoy making tables, I'd like to make one for you.


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