An homage to Susan Judy and her stone relief sculptures

An homage to Susan Judy and her stone relief sculptures

My wife introduced me to Susan Judy and her stone relief sculptures at an art show she organized for the Western Interior Palentological Society.   Susan makes sculptures that hang on the wall.  She was then calling them Stone Quilts.  They were and still are spectacular combinations of colorful mineral slabs in sometimes whimsical designs. Because she is a geologist she makes geologic designs including maps. You can see all of her designs on her web site:   We have sevral of her pieces, including Ribbons, shown at the bottom of this blurb.

At the time I met Susan I was making natural stone topped tables only using thin slabs of sandstone. The design was driven by my abilities with a chisel and the need to have relatively large areas where a dish, plant, lamp, or whatever could sit and not tip over!   Susan encouraged me to experiment with more than one type of stone and I started to include semi-precious focus stones in my table tops. 

One of my experiments is shown above.  I cut my sandstone pieces to fit the design with a chisel. I used the same technique on some slabs of thin silver colored tile to fill in the outline of a Silver Buffalo shown above.

The result is ok, but my techniques and materials can not produce the deail that Susan's designs do.  I now include focus stones, some cut to silhouette designs in most of my table tops.

Susan and I have shown our work together in the same booth at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and several other venues. We've found there is a market for both of our work.

Both she and I would love to make something for your home!

Ribbons: A stone relief sculpture by Susan Judy

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