Contact 51

Contact 51

This is a big (4 feet by 3 feet) heavy table!.  The first few tables I made when I started making them again in 2011 were large because the first two tables I made in the 1960's were large and heavy.   I decided to try to avoid heavy lifting and focused on smaller tables for the next couple of years.    But.....I found a nice large base and decided that my 51st table would be 'special' and large.

I always have a few fossil ammonites in my inventory and when I'm laying out a new table I usually see if I could find a way to incorporate them into the shapes made by larger sandstone slabs.  Here it worked.  There were a couple of natural curves in the largest slab that nicely fit my fossil ammonites.

The other thing about this design is the subtle contrast in color between the large slab and the smaller pieces arround it.  The difference arises because the stones were cut from differnt quaries..........but I'd been hanging arround with my wife and her geologist friends who had recently told me about sedimentary 'contact' strucutres.   These contact structures mark boundaries between sedimentary deposition regimes that can be marked by color changes......So I called this one Contact 51

I sold this one on the Boulder Open Studios Tour a few year ago.   The tour will occur this year October 2-3 and 9-10 from noon to 5 pm at artist studios all over Boulder.  My studio is at 2296 Kalmia Ave, 80304.     I have a number of nice bases adn ammonite fossils I'd be happy to make into a table for you.

Bill  9/18/21

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