Aventurine Scrabble #50

Aventurine Scrabble #50

About 8 or so years ago I stopped at a rock shop in Estes Park, Colorado and found a stack of green rocks from Wyoming at $5 a pound.  I bought one and had my cousin slab it for me in her Golden Colorado Rock shop.  

The color of the stones doesn't show in the image above.  Below is a more or less straight down view of the top shwoing the subtle colors in the stones.

I put three of the slabs on this square top which then sits on 4 sturdy steel 3-rod hairpin legs.

I did all of this in 2015.  I showed the table a several arts and crafts fairs before it found a home in 2020.

I still have a couple of adventurine slabs I'd love to include on a table top for you.


September, 2021

Better view of the Aventurine focus stones.

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