Making a table top

Making a table top

Above are two pictures of a 2' x 4' coffee table I made for my Wife.  The top is made from thin slabs of Lyons sandstone chisled to fit the top. They are glued to a sheet of 3/4" plywood fastned to the base.   The top is surrounded by a thin (1/16") steel band and the gaps in the design are filed with black grout.  The top is then sealed with up to 6 coats of an oil based sealant not sold in California.

I started out using wagon wheel and whiskey barrel rims.  That didn't allow for the oval like shape you see here.  I talked to many people and experimented for two years before I ordered 1/16" think strips of cold rolled steel from McGuckins, our local hardware store.  Shown at the bottom is a view of the jigging process I use to match the rim height to the (variable!) sanstone thinkness.  I set the hieght to the thickest part of the sandstone and use thin wood shims to raise the thinner sanstone pieces.   The rim is attached with 1" long annodized screws.

The base we got at a garage sale.  

Its almost warm enough in Boulder to open up the garage and get back to work making tables again.  Drop me a note if you'd like me to make a table for you.

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