Rorschach's Table

Rorschach's Table

I had fun with this one.  Not only is this my first table not made with sandstone, its the first table I made that had an irregular shape that included a concave curved rim.

I found this piece of limestone in a stone yard in Lyons, Colorado not far from where I live.  My original intent was to chop it up into a bunch of smaller pieces and use these pieces to contrast with sandstone in a table top.   About the same time I had begun using thin (1/16") steel strips for rims.  I wondered if I could bend the steel to fit the curves, especially the concave curve in the upper right of the picture.  

I could and I did!   The result is the table you see above.   Since then I've made several others like this.  I'm always on the look out for irregularly shapped labs of sandstone or limestone. 

If you'd like me to find a shape that is almost rectangular like this one, let me know the approximate size and I'll go looking.....Or you could bring one to me and I could mount it on hair pin legs or another base I have in my inventory.


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