Utah Splash Super Sandstone

Utah Splash Super Sandstone

In southern Utah there are spectacular formations of banded sandstone.  There are also a lot of rock shops where you can pick up thin slabs that contrasts and complements the solid color sandstone I get from quarries north of my home in Boulder, Colorado. 

I got the slab in the picture below from a shop in Knab Utah.  I learned that the owner had staked a claim in BLM to mine and process his stones about 60 years ago.  The stone is soft and easily breaks so its hard to get large flat stones such as the one shown below.  In fact there is a lot of breakage.  I asked for some of the scraps to work into my table tops.  They told me they use the breakage to make the sandstone coasters that are present in most rock shops!

In any case I have several slabs left over and would love to make a table top for you featuring one of these spectaruclar painted sandtone slabs.

Jims Table: A natural stone toped table featuring a slab of painted sandstone from Knab, Utah

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