Arizona Rose 55

Arizona Rose 55

This table has several interesting stories.

The focus stone is a slab of rose marble from the Mission mine in Ariona. I first saw it in my cousin's rock shop where it was being slabbed for a customer.  I tried to buy it from my cousin and she referred me to her customer who turned out  to be my mentor Susan Judy of  stone quilt designs ( ).  We traded some slabs and I got my rose marble slab.

I wanted a large slab of the sandstone top to follow the circular rim of the top.  I had  success at chisling the circular pattern. I almost got a single piece to match about 1/2 of the circumference!  But the final trim cuts also shattered the large piece.  If you look closely at the right half of the top you can see where three smaller pieces are slightly removed from the large slab.  

I showed the table at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show where interest in the table was strong, until the customers put their hand on the top and it was quite unsteady!   It turns out that I had used a particle board base for the top instead of my usual 3/4" exterior plywood and the screws holding the top to the recycled steel base had worked their way loose.

The fix for the wobly top was to attach a large circular slab of plywood between the particle board and the base.  The screws hold quite firmly to the plywood!

The final twist to this story is that my wife liked the table so much she claimed it for her own.  It now sits in our bedroom as a convenient temporary storage place.

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