Wyoming Wonder 46

Wyoming Wonder 46

This is my 46th table. I made it in 2016. I was then experimenting in new shapes and new types of foucs stones.  This is my second table with rounded ends and the first one to feature a slab of fossil fist from the Green River formation near Kinnerer Wyomoing.

I got the slab of fossils on the last day of the Denver Gem and Mineral show. The slab is not of museum quality. It has a hairline fracture and fish fossils are not well difined, so I got it for a good price.  

The rock the fish are embed in is soft so I sealed it with many coats of the oil based sealant called "Stone Glamor".   The rest of the table came together nicely as you can see from the image above.

I tried to marked this first in a local high end furnature store where it sat for over a year before I pulled it back.  I sold it to a colleage who bought it as a gift for her geologist husband who is from Kimmerer Wyoming.

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