The shop is now back open.

The shop is now back open.

If you been wondering why I haven't posted recently its because I had an accident driving my van back from Brekenridge to Boulder.  I passed out and went a 100 yards or so down a hill into a ditch and totaled the van.

My wife rode it down with me and walked away.  I had a crushed vertabra and a facial laceration.  The facial laceration is healed. The back is going to take more time to get back so that I can pick up and move my tables.  We found the reason I passed out. There's a treatment for that, that I'll get!

The good news is that with the help of my wife Judy, I'll be able to ship your order or deliver it in the Denver area now.   I also am planning on participating in Boulder Open Studios the first two weekends of October.

I may not be able to make any new tables before the shop closes for the season in October.  


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