Intian Stripe

Intian Stripe

At the Denver Gem and Mineral show I found some smalish slabs of a dull green stone with white and red features.  The dealer had a few of slabs in a tray filled with water where the colors really poped.  In making previous tables I found that the sealant I use acts as a wetting agent in the same way as water, but it evaborates at a much slower rate!   So I knew I wanted to use this stone as a focus of a table.

I struggled for a while trying to find a design that used these more or less rectrangular slabs.  I had 4 slabs and common wisdon has hat good looking designs have 1, 3, or 5 focal points, not 4!   BUT I fudged and made the four stones look like one.

I sold this one in the Tuscon Gem and Mineral show several years ago.  I have a few pieces of ruby in fuchite in the stop waiting for a table top to call for thelm.

You could help the stones by asking me to put them in a table top for you!


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