The curse of Chief Niwot

The curse of Chief Niwot

This is the second table I've done featuring a left hand symbol. Both of them have found homes, but I'll do more.  

 The left hand meme is strong in Boulder, Colorado where I live.  Chief Niwot (who was left handed) told the local settlers in the 1850's that those who saw the Boulder valey were forced to come come back....they couldn't leave forever.   

I learned of this 'curse' when I was a student at the University of Colorado in the early 1960's.   I didn't pay much attention until about 30 years after we left town to persue a career.  Magical things happened that made me coume back to Boulder!   and ....even more magical things got me started making tables again.

The Curse of Chief Niwot is valid. You can't leave the Boulder Valley forever.

Below are four of the five left hand symbols I have ready to include in tables.  Perhaps you'd like a reminder of the Boulder Valley too.

four left hands, two buffalos and two stars for table tops

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