The top of this table features a fossil starfish from Morocco.  The table is about 30" x 24" x 24" tall. The removeable top includes Lyons sandstone and black grout surrounded by a thin steel band. It sits on a removable recycled steel base.

I found the starfish fossil at one of the many Denver gem and mineral shows. Its not museum quality and I've sealed it so that it is resistant to wear.  The top is also waterproof and stain resistant.

I had fun cutting the large diagonal Lyons sandstone slab.   Most of the time when I try to cut big pieces like that they break.  When they break, I still use them but its fun when everything goes right!

You can see this table at my studio in Boulder (2296 Kalmia Ave) from noon to 5 pm October 5-6 and again 12-13 during Boulder Open Studios tour.

Mention this blog post and claim 10% off this or any table I have for sale.

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