Early Days: The Learning Curve

Early Days: The Learning Curve

I made 3 tables in 2011.  This was the third.  I found the base and chairs at the local recycle center and the large thin slabs of Lyons sandstone at a sone yard in Lyons Colorado 12 miles from my home in Boulder.

I was still learning how to 'do' rims.  I had tried wagon wheels, routing slots in large slabs of wood, pounding 1/4 copper pipe flat and bending it.  None of those approaches would work here, so I ordered about 50 feet of 1/2" wide thin brass strips of the kind model railroaders use and used them here.   The result was 'OK' as you can see.  We still enjoy this table but there are a couple of things that I did not want to do again.

1) Brass rims are expensive, tarnish, and are difficult to connect to make a complete rim.  I had to find an alternateve .... and I did.

2) You really need to power wash the stone before you seal it!   When I went to seal this there was a lot of mud!!    I was able to fix it, but if you look hard at this table, you'll see where the mud was!   I went out and bought a power washer and this problem went away.

3)  This table is big and heavy.  I try to avoid big and heavy tables if I can, but sometimes I find a really nice large base that cries out for one of my special tops.

If you are interested in seeing images of most of the over 150 tables I have made, including the big ones,  you can find them on my Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/wkpAccentTables/

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