Red Rock Resonance

Red Rock Resonance

I've been going over images of tables I made that had 'features' that I now include or no longer include in my tables.  Last week was the story of a positive experience.  This one is not so positive.

Back in 2013 when I realized that not everone is as in love with steel hairpin legs as I am, I becan experimenting with recycled bases.  The base here had a cast metal top of about the same diameter as the 're-topped' table you see here.

The problem is that the new top was somewhat heavier than the original.  The base could handle the weight just fine.  It was not top heavy and would not easily tip over.  The problem that I didn't expect, but which showed up, is that the base is 'springey' enough to twist a bit .....and....the weight of the top is just right to resonate with the twisting of the base.  Touch this table and it resonantes, twisting back and forth for a while.

My wife pointed out that this was not a table I should sell because most people don't like to resoante with their tables!   We have it now in our kitchen holding my supply of morning oranges.  I resonante with it every day now.

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