These are interesting times.  Judy and I are self isolating at home in Boulder.   I'm going to keep on keep'in on and write more or less weekly blog posts.  This one is about a table I made and sold several years ago.

This table is the result of my attempts to find a way to make tables without using old wagon wheels or whiskey barell hoops for rims.  The image below was taken after I had grouted the last table I've made using a wagon wheel rim. I wanted 'clean' edges so I went to our local water jet facility and had them cut me a a circular slab of thin Lyons sandstone.  I knew the rim was not circular and was going to fill the gaps with grout.  It turned out that the diameter I chose to use, was too big!  So I broke up the large circular slab and put them together as you see below.  I got clean edges and, I believe, a pleasing pattern in the center of the table.

About a year later, after many consultations, discussions, and experiments I found that 1/16" steel bands custome ordered from McGukins, my local harware store, that were allowed to rust a bit, and screwed into the 3/4" plywood base made perfectly adequate rims as you can see above in the table I call 'Arches'

The top design also evolved. I had a lot of pieces lefter over from the water jet cutting.  After a bit of thinking and trial and error I came up with the design you see above.  I found the base for this in our local resource center.  

I sold this at an art show my wife organized!

If you are interested in this style of table, I would love make one for you.   Give me a call or drop me a note.  Find this information on my website:  

Johns table in progress.

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