Green Colorado Flourite

Green Colorado Flourite

This was a fun table to make.  I had help from my Cousin Joanne who cut the slabs of green Colorado Flourite from a rock she had in her shop.  My wife Judy picked up the (almost) square slab of slate tile from the local resource center and challenged me to use it in a table.  My former neighbor in Denver, Becky, challenged me to move away from the round tables that used rusted whiskey barell hoops as rims.  

I cut out the 18" x 36" oval, put the slate slab in the middle and found that the fourite slabs made an interesting patern.  I filled the gaps with Lyons sandsone and black grout. I made the rim from a strip of 1/16" steel that I rusted in my back yard.  The top sits on 4 steel hair pin legs.  The result is what you see here.

The table is now at my son's house in Portland.

I'd love to make a table for you.   

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