Rorschach's Table

Rorschach's Table

I found this slab of sandstone in one of the stone yards in Lyons Colorado, just north of my home in Boulder.  I liked the ripples on the surface and originally wanted to cut this slab up into smaller pieces and use them as focus stones in patterns made from slightly redder Lyons sandstone.

But my wife encouraged me not to break up the piece and make a table top out of the whole slab. Limestone is soft, so a top of limestone needs a rim. I had just started making my own rims from thin (1/16") cold rolled steel strips.  I found that I could easily bend the strips without heating and hold them in place with 1" long closely spaced screws.  The result is the table you see here. I sold it at the 2016 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

If you have a 'special' slab of stone you would like to use as a table top and the stone is too soft for a 'natural' edge, I can put a rim on it,  if its not too big.

Rorschachs Table: oblique view

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