In the shop.

In the shop.

This is a wierd summer.  I'm not doing shows, I'm working from home, and I'm making fewer tables.  Usually I make 15 or so tables a year in my garage shop during the May to October period when its warm enough.  So far this year I've only completed 5, well 7 when these two are done.  The picture here shows me with the two tables that will soon be completed: Ammonite 159, the round top in my hand, and Sow Belly Aggate 160, that will use the top shown clamped to my work stand.

I'm still having fun making tables though.

I got the ammonite from madagascar at the Denver Gem and Mineral show last year.  These ammonites have a lot of open cells that could easily get filled with grout when I am finishing the top. I've avoided using them for a long time.  But after consultations with several people I bought some general purpose epoxy at the local art supply store and filled the cells and put about a 1/16" sealer coat on top of the ammonite.  There were a few bubbles left over, but they are not distracting so I went ahead and used it in this top.

The feature of  Ammonite 159 that I'm really proud of are the two circular cuts, one following the rim, and the other following the ammonite.  I chisled these from a large slab of sandstone.  The guy at the stone yard who showed me how to use a chisel to shape sandsonte almost 10 years ago would be proud of me.  Its taken a few years, but I'm now comfortable cutting circular shapes ..... and some times I don't destroy the slab I'm shaping before I'm done!

Sow Belly Agate 160 will use two large slabs of the iconic Colorado mineral surrounding a large pyramid shapped piece of Lyons sandstone.  I think its going to turn out very well!

The shelves behind me hold my inventory of semi-precious focus stones.

I still love making tables.  I've made and sold a few so far this year.   I'd love to make a table for you.   Give me a call at 303-966-3576.


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