Utah Splash

Utah Splash

I found this piece of Knab sandstone at my coursin's rock shop in Golden.  It had a 'tag' on a corner left over from the cutting process.  I triedto chisel it off and broke of the four small pieces.   I used the stone any way and made made the design in the surrounding Lyons sandstone reflect these features in the broken rock.

I liked the Knab sandstone so much that we traveled to Knab Utah and visited the shop where slabs cut from an active quarry are processed.  The larger ones sell for big dollars, the scrap is made into those 3" x 3" coasters you see in many rock shops.   I didn't get to talk to the quarry owner, but learned from a family member that the quary has been in the family since the 1950's.

I've made and sold several tables featuring this Knab sandstone that you can see on my pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/wkpAccentTables/

I'd like to make you a table using Knab sandstone or any of the other spectacular stones I have in my inventory.

Finished table showing the hairpin legs and rim made from a used whiskey barrel hoop.


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