Obicular Jasper

Obicular Jasper

This was a fun table to make. I obtained the base at a local thrift store last year and cut a top for it this spring.  I then went through my inventory of stones and cut outs and with my wife's help decided that accents of obicular jasper were the right fit for this size and shape.

I found out about obicular jasper from Mexico at the booth next to me at a Denver Gem and Mineral show several years ago.  I've used this stone in several tables and still have a bit left for another base that calls out for it.

Another aspect of this table is the broken circular slab that takes up most of the top.   I cut sandstone slabs with a chistle.  The process often results in unexpected breaks.  Here I had almost finished the circular cut.....but there were a couple of places where the stone was bigger than the wood base I cut to fit it in.  Rather than make a new wood base, I tried to trim the stone.....   The top then broke in a couple of places that you can clearly see.   I chose to live with them and call them features.  I think the broken nature of the sandstone adds to the feel of the table.

If you buy this table and pick it up at my home in Boulder before July 20, 2020, I'll take 50% off of the price.

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