Buffalo Chips: A new product

Buffalo Chips: A new product

I'm introducing a new product, Buffalo Chips.  These are 10" x 6" walhangs / plaques cut in the shape of a buffalo silhouette from thin stanstone.  The Lyons sandstone I use comes from quaries near those where the stones for the University of Colorado's iconic buildings were obtained.  The buffalo is the University of Colorado mascot.  ...AND I am a graduate of CU!   You can see many pictures of them at: https://www.wkpaccenttables.com/listing/813399266/buffalo-chip-158-a-6-x-10-natural-stone

I started out making tables from thin slabs of Lyons sandstone (i.e. sandstone chips)  my soon-to-be-wife and I found in our walks arround the mountains above Boulder 60 years ago.  The abandoned quaries we found the sand stone chips are long gone. They are replaced by high priced houses or reopened quarries because there is a strong demand for Lyons  sandstone now.

As I made more tables, I decided to start chisling shapes rather than relying on where the chips fell.  Making a round slab is easy for someone with a lot of experience, but when I was starting out I had no experience so I started talking to my colleagues.   My colleague Susan Judy ( http://stonequiltdesign.com/portfolio/) introduced me to Omni Waterjet  ( https://www.omnicutwaterjet.com/  ) to help me make round slabs.

The Omnijet people do great work.  I had them make a bunch of dinosaur foot prints for me using an image from my wife's book on dinosaur foot prints. (https://www.wkpaccenttables.com/listing/526673797/track-2-a-natural-stone-topped-table-in )

The buffalo silhouette slabs they cut for me are mounted on thin plywood with attached hanging hardware.

I can have them cut any shape you might want (say a silhouette of your partner or child )   Let me know if you are interested


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