Dinosaur track table / stool

Dinosaur track table / stool

A few years ago I taught myself how to make steel rims that look like the wagon wheels and whiskey barell hoops I had been using.  I did this to be able to make tables that were not round and limited to the size of the hoop/wheel I could find.   I then got thinking what were the limits of the shapes I could make.

My wife Judy had illustrated the book Fossil Footprints of the World by Martin Lockly. On page 86 of that book is an image of the foot print made by the duck billed dinosaur called Amblydactylus. She told me that in life the foot print would have dimensions of about 2 feet.   I took a jpeg image of the track to a local waterjet cutting company and asked them to cut the shape from a 3/8" thick slab of sandstone.  I had them make 4 copies of the shape.

I cut a slighly larger slab of 3/4" plywood and glued the sandstone shape onto it.  Getting the metal rim to follow the shape as I screwed it into the plywood was actually not too difficult.   I finished the table off with three rod steel hairpin legs, black grout, and several coats of an oil based sealant.

This table is currently for sale on wkpaccenttables and I have two more stone shapes not yet finished into tables.

They make nice small coffee tables and are strong enought that they can be used as stools.


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