Sowbelly Agate

Sowbelly Agate

Sowbelly Agate is an iconic Colorado semi-precious stone from mines nerar Creede.  These stones, according to geoligist friends of mine, feature banded, translucent purple amethyst and white chalcedony with sometimes dendritic native silver.  

Over the years I have accumulated many slabs to use in my table tops.  The process of designing a table starts with the base and top. When I have them, I then go through my inventory of foucs stones and look for the best fit.  The table shown above is only the second one I've made using sowbelly agate.  I finished it last week.

The slabs are large with dimensions on the order of 10" and they fit contours of the large piece of Lyons sandstone that is at the center of the 20" x 40" top.  The top is removable and sits on a recycled steel base.  The table is 19" tall.

It is currently available @thewalnutgallery 364 Main St, Longmont, 80501 or on my web site

The first table I made using sowbelly agate is shown below.

Creed Whirlpool: A small dining table featuring sowbelly agate

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