Recycled Slate Tile

Recycled Slate Tile

I collect interesting rock slabs from gem and mineral shows, yard sales, and the local Recource Central in Boulder. This place was set up to recycle stuff from houses that are being torn down (scraped) and replaced.  They have a tile section that sometimes has interesting pieces such as the one in the picture above.  I also collect metal table bases.

I try to use stuff in my collections and this table is a two-fur, both the stone top and base are recycled.

I glued the slate to a slightly larger slab of 3/4" plywood with 'keys' to fit it into the top of the recyled base. I used a weathered strip of steel for the rim and filled the gap with black grout.

I'm currently using this as a coffee table on my covered patio, but I'd be happy to sell it to you.

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