Little Starfish

Little Starfish

This is a small (12" square x 19" tall) natural stone topped plant stand or side table.  It was spoken for before I had put the finishing sealer coats on.  Not quite a commissioned piece, but close to it!

I found the star fish fossil slab at a local gem and mineral show some time ago. Its not a musuem grade specimen, but it is quite attractive.  I found the base in a local thrift shop.  It was green when I got it!   I painted the base black and combined the starfish fossil, local Lyons sandstone to make a top to put on the base.

I like the result and was showing it arround the block when a neighbor spoke up for it.   

I have a number of bases, large and small, and a lot of fossils and other interesting rocks ready to make into tables.  I plan on keep on keepin on making them.  If you'd like to wait to see what I come up with, follow my blog and instagram feeds.  If you'd like to have me do a table for you, lets talk.  Send me an e-mail message from this blog or my web site.  I

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