Simple table with a twist.

Simple table with a twist.

This table, called The Hammer, was made in the summer of 2014 when I was relearning how to make tables.    By this time I had learned how to rust thin steel strips in my back yard to get the patina of the rusted old wagon wheels and whiskey barrel hoops I had been using.

I was set to cut up this piece of sandstone for another table and my wife suggested I try to make a table top of it.   I did.   The table is simple.  One piece of sandstone on plywood surrounded  by grout and a thin rusted steel band supported by steel three rod hairpin legs.

The twist you ask.

It turns out concave bends are easy and convex bends to fit the shape of the stone are not.   There were a lot of clamps and cussing involved before I figured out how to get the convex curve good enough.  I did and have gone on make several tables with concave curves in the top.

I have lots of sandstone and hairpin legs.  If you have a specila shape you'd like a table top, I'm willing to have a go at making it for you.


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