Orbicular Granite

Orbicular Granite

This table features two small slabs of orbicular granite from Peru.

At a gem and mineral show in Denver I ran into a vendor who was selling figuriens cut from a black and white stone I'd never seen before called orbicular granite.  He and his family were from Peru and he told me that they had their shop in Denver and also had a large stone of the materia!.   I bought the stone and my cousin cut slabs for me. 

I made and sold this table several years ago and traded my extra slabs for some interesting banded sandstone that I used in a much larger table.

I went back to the shop where I got the original stone.  They don't bring unprocessed stones in from Peru any more.  I haven't seen large slabs of the stone at rock shows either. 

If you have a slab of orbicular granite, or any other special rock, I can put it in a table top for you.

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