First table of the 2021 season

First table of the 2021 season

I close my studio for the winter when my wife brings in the plants, including my fig tree, from the garden.  I usually open it up again in May when she puts the plants out again.  This year I was lazy, probably a result of the covid!

In any case I started small this year.  My first product is a 12 1/2" x 12 1/2"  x 20 1/2" tall small accent table.  I found the base in my favorite recycle shop in Loveland CO.  I found the spectacular marble tile in the local resource shop.   I glued the tile to a 3/4" thick piece of plywood and anchored a thin steel rim to it.  I filled the space between the rim and stone with black grout.  The steel and grout are sealed with an oil based sealant.

There was a bit of a chalenge fitting the slightly larger top on the base, but I figured it out and this is the result.

My second table is almost completed. It is a larger top on a recycled cast iron singer sewing machine base.   I've gllued the stones to the top and put two coats of sealer on them and the rim.  I'll put one more coat of sealant on tomorrow and then grout the top.   It will be done in a few weeks.

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